How Zenmetrics can help you.

Event based tracking

What do vanity metrics like pageviews really tell you? Zenmetrics focuses on analizing your customers' actions, giving you better insight in their engagement.

Always up to date

New order? Zenmetrics will immediately recalculate your revenue and conversion. There's no need to wait.

Customer profiles

Get to know your customers as if you're seeing them walk through your store. Our customer profiles and timeline tells you everything you need to know.

Multichannel approach

Recognize the traffic source for each visit and rank them by revenue. Finetuning your marketing efforts was never easier.

Product insights

Which products are doing well? Zenmetrics offers you detailed activity tracking for every product in your online store.


Once you've installed our plugin, all your historical data is synced and new data is added fully automatically.

Funnel Analysis simplified.

Funnels help you analyze the flow of your visitors taking actions on your website. How many visitors do you have, how many of them are putting an item into their shopping cart, how many of them start the checkout process and how many of them actually make a purchase? This flow information is lost when you only look at the conversion rate. A funnel offers you a more detailed look into your customer's behavior.

Sales Funnel

Useful metrics, right away.

  • Average order value
  • Daily revenue
  • Number of visitors by device
  • One time buyers vs returning
  • Cart abandonment rate
  • Checkout completion rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion rates

Effortless marketing automation.

Coming Soon

What's the point of having insights in your data if you can't take any actions? That's why we're building a collection of marketing automation tools right inside your analytics suite.

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